2012 Pacific Northwest Yo-Yo Championships

2012 Pacific Northwest Yo-Yo Championships 

Northwest Rooms, Seattle Center


Friday, February 24:

5:30 PM – 6:15 PM: Registration

6:30 PM – 9:00 PM: 1A Prelims

Saturday, February 25:

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Registration

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Novice Freestyles and Sport Ladder

1:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Championship Freestyles (2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 1A)

5:30 PM: Awards

7:00 PM: After Party at Frontier Room

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34 Responses to 2012 Pacific Northwest Yo-Yo Championships

  1. Jeremy says:

    If I want to compete in 4a, do I need to do a prelim on the Friday? Or just be there before 10 on the Saturday? And for those of us that are planning on coming down from Vancouver, is it possible to register ahead of time and be put at the end of the list for prelims (its a tough drive that time of day).

    • nathan says:

      For 4A you just need to register on Saturday morning. For people who may be cutting it close on Friday night, registration will close at 6:15 PM. If you won’t be there by then, please get someone to register you.

      • KevinS says:

        Hi Nathan,
        We’re coming from Vancouver Canada with two 10-year olds going into Jr.Freestyle and perhaps sports ladder. We won’t make it there for close of registration by 6:15pm. We will make it to the venue sometime before 9:00pm. We don’t know anyone at the contest who can register for us. Can I register them via email then sign the waiver when we get there?

        • nathan says:

          Sport ladder and Novice freestyle registration will take place Saturday morning. The only thing you need to register for on Friday night is 1A prelims.

  2. Tristan Castaneda says:

    Where do we register

  3. Joe Muniz says:

    Novice freestyle?

  4. Harry Lee says:

    What are the hotels within walking distance?

    • nathan says:

      Any hotel near Seattle Center or Space Needle will be walking distance. A lot of people have stayed at the Travelodge for previous contests.

  5. Odon Alberto JR. says:

    Is there any registration fourms? Or do we sign up there.

  6. victor says:

    where can you find rules for pnwr ?

  7. Orange Will says:

    What is the exact schedule for Saturday Feb 25th?


  8. Kevins says:

    Nathan, How do we sign up for ’12?

  9. Morgan says:

    Can we participate in this completion if you never have competed before?

  10. Ron Stecz says:

    Will music guidlines and cd requirements be posted? Is there a designated hotel?

    • nathan says:

      Music guidelines have been posted on the site. There is no specifically designated hotel. Anything near Seattle Center will work. In past contests a lot of people have stayed at the Travelodge.

  11. Tristan Castaneda says:

    I have never competed before. Would novice be the best for me to enter in?

  12. Michael Benoliel says:

    My son and just want be spectators, do we need tickets or just show up and watch?
    Thank you,

  13. we5nickels says:

    I’m confused about the music guidelines as far as file format. The songs my son wants to use are mp3s downloaded from Amazon. Can they be used? And if not, why? Thanks.

    • nathan says:

      The songs need to be converted to .wav (standard CD audio) format in order to play on a standard CD player. Burning a disc from iTunes does this conversion automatically or you can look up any number of converter programs available on the internet.

  14. Nance says:

    Will there be live streaming of this yoyo tournament? I hope so! I hate to miss it. Thanks.

  15. Tyler says:

    Why no streaming live? Seems like all the big contests nowadays have live streaming video so people who arent’ there can watch the comp!!!

  16. Nance says:

    When will you post the resulting scores and results?

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